Gerardo and family in TAXI by the North of Tenerife

They arrived in Tenerife on the Independence of the Seas cruise

Minas de San José

Gerardo and family by taxi in the north of Tenerife. In October 2019, Gerardo and his family arrived to see La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz and the Teide Natural Park in TAXI.

From Mexico they arrived in Santa Cruz de Tenerife making a stop on the Independence of the Seas cruise and the collection point was next to the ship, on the stopover, and from there we started the Tourist Route in TAXI through Tenerife.

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The Tourist Route was carried out:

Gerardo and family by taxi in the north of Tenerife

Tourist Route

The Tourist Route that was enjoyed in this RESERVATION

We meet at 10:00 in the morning and start the route towards La Orotava and then go to Puerto de la Cruz, where once there we agreed to expand the route and visit the Teide National Park, they were right. The different stops were made at the viewpoints and points of interest of the Tourist Route in TAXI:

  • Viewpoint of La Baranda, in El Sauzal
  • Casa de los Balcones, in La Orotava
  • Paseo Marítimo, in Puerto de la Cruz
  • Ortuño Viewpoint
  • Chipeque Viewpoint
  • Tarta del Teide
  • Visitor Center of El Portillo
  • Mines of San José
  • Parador de las Cañadas del Teide
  • Roques de García
  • Llano de Ucanca viewpoint
  • San Cristobal de la Laguna

This excursion, which in Taxi Tour Tenerife we call Tour 06, a day that these clients will not forget, enjoyed discovering the beauty of Teide National Park. Gerardo and family in TAXI by the North of Tenerife

Ruta Turística Teide Taxi

Tour 06.- Teide National Park - Puerto de la Cruz

Climb to the Teide National Park, up to the Roques de Garcia and back we visit La Orotava, Puerto de la Cruz and San Cristobal de La Laguna.

  • From Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Duration 5 hours
  • The best price:

150 €

Casa de los Balcones

Casa de los Balcones or Casa Fonseca is a house of La Orotava, characterized by its balconies and interior carved wooden patio. It was built in 1632

The facade is three floors, with a balcony on the top and five balconies on the second floor all made of wood.

Plaza del Charco

Neuralgic center of the municipality and one of the most popular corners of Puerto de la Cruz. Its name comes from a puddle of seawater that formed in the center of it. Around it is the main commercial area of the municipality. Inside there is the well-known “pile” with the ñamera, laurels of the Indians and impressive palm trees.

Paseo Marítimo

Visit Puerto de la Cruz by taxi and surely you will not be able to forget this promenade by the sea where volcanic nature has endowed the Port with several beaches and bathing areas.

Lago Martiánez

The emblematic Lago Martiánez swimming pool complex is one of the best known and most visited places in the city and is a good example of the transformation of a coastline, a prestigious technical team led by the artist
Lanzarote César Manrique, made this work adapted to the traditional Canarian architecture and complemented with plant elements of native flora and original sculptures.

The complex has been declared of cultural interest. It is an artificial lake with about twenty-seven thousand cubic meters of seawater. It enhances the other four swimming pools for adults and three for children, all of them of original layout. A varied range of bars, restaurants and kiosks gives the complex a special vitality.

Ortuño Viewpoint

A must stop when we head to Teide on the Esperanza road. This is where we can see the first panoramic views of the Teide National Park, on the northwest coast of the island and, if the day is clear, the neighboring island of La Palma. We were lucky and we enjoyed the magical spectacle that makes up the sea of clouds.

Chipeque Viewpoint

We arrive at the Chipeque Lookout point, which is about 1830 meters above sea level.

From this viewpoint we contemplate the entire northern part of the island, where you can get to see from Punta del Hidalgo to Buenavista. With a spectacular panoramic view of Teide in the background and the unmistakable silhouette of the island of La Palma. Surrounded by Canarian pine, it is located in the known as Protected Landscape of Las Lagunetas.

Tarta del Teide

Tarta del Teide and its lookout point is one of the most famous formations of the Teide National Park. The formation is an ancient lava river, the result of a series of volcanic eruptions in which different types of materials of different characteristics and colors overlapped. Hence the denomination of the formation, which reminds of a cake.

It is estimated that centuries or millennia may have passed between each of the layers. The white layer is formed by fragments of pumice stone, very porous and light. The black layers are formed by basaltic picon, characteristic of eruptions with low gas emissions. Finally, the reddish layers are also basaltic picon, but their color is the result of having come into contact with groundwater that has oxidized the material before evaporating by heat.


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Visitor Center of El Portillo

The Visitor Center of El Portillo has a museum to learn about the most relevant geological, botanical, zoological and archaeological aspects of the Park. Your visit is free, as is the entrance to the Botanical Garden attached to it.

In the museum there is a recreation of the interior of a volcanic tube, interactive elements, photographic and backlit panels, video library room, library and an auditorium with audiovisual projector (where a video is played to understand the formation of the boiler on the which rises the Teide – Pico Viejo complex).


San José Mines

In the San José Mines it is easy to think that you are on another planet instead of in the Teide National Park. The Mines are plains of golden gravel interspersed with blocks of ocher-colored rock and twisted shapes. In front of them lie very long volcanic castings, and in the distance, the enormous wall of Las Cañadas del Teide, dominated by the high of Guajara, a mountain of singular beauty.

This amalgam of colors, textures and unique elements makes Las Minas one of the favorite places in the park among photography enthusiasts and film directors. Numerous films have been shot here, some of them major international productions. Two notable examples are ‘Fury of the Titans’, 2012, directed by Jonathan Liebesman; and ‘A million years ago’, 1966, directed by Don Chaffey.


Parador de las Cañadas del Teide

Staying at the Parador de Las Cañadas del Teide is a real privilege that can be enjoyed from the first to the last ray of sunshine. This emblematic building is the only hotel in Teide National Park, in the center of the island of Tenerife. A front row seat to contemplate the natural landscape that surrounds the highest peak in Spain. Few times in winter is covered by snow, and in spring do broom and tajinastes, native plant species.


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Roques de García

Los Roques de García are in an elevated position dominating the Llano de Ucanca next to the National Parador de Teide. They are huge rock formations composed of the accumulation of several layers of different materials, which before being eroded formed a wall that separated the two boilers of Las Cañadas. Effect of this prolonged erosion are the curious forms that are currently appreciated, the most spectacular being “Roque Cinchado”, “La Catedral” and “La Cascada”.

Precisely the Roque Cinchado is quite different from the rest of the Roques de García despite being part of them, which has made it considered a distinctive and unique natural monument since time immemorial. Gerardo and family in TAXI by the North of Tenerife



Photographs of the Excursion


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