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Loro Park

Loro Park, created in 1970, is a zoo that reproduces the habitat for more than 10,000 exotic animals and a collection of tropical plants, located in Puerto de la Cruz.

The extension that occupies at present is 135,000 m². Since it opened in 1970, it has received more than 40 million tourists.

In 1972, with more than 150 parrots, it became the first parrot show in Europe.

It has numerous species of tropical and subtropical plants, highlights the more than 2,000 palm trees from around the world.

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Distance85 Kilometers
Temp4 Hours
Passengers4 seat
Price100 Euros
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AquaViva, an authentic underwater spectacle with hundreds of magical jellyfish of all colors and fluorescence.

With a supernatural appearance these curious jellyfish of surprising and elegant shapes are the undisputed protagonists of a new exhibition designed to discover the most special details of these fascinating creatures that inhabit all the tropical seas of the earth.

Read more on loroparque.com

The most diverse Reserve

Loro Parque has the most diverse species and subspecies of parrots on the planet.

Loro Parque has the most diverse species and subspecies of parrots on the planet.

The colorful plumages and their sociable nature make parrots the most attractive family of birds, especially for their natural talent to imitate the human voice.
The poaching caused by that same natural attraction, together with deforestation, has led many species of parrots to the brink of extinction. Every year 13 million hectares of forest disappear, the equivalent of cutting down every day the pine forest of Tenerife for a year.
Since most species of parrots are animals that live in forests or tropical forests, the enormous diversity of this family of birds is in serious danger.

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