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Travel to Garachico on TAXI and get to know one of the most important historical centers of the Canary Islands. A rich historical-artistic heritage inherited from the past and the special care that has been taken in its conservation, earned him the concession, in 1980, of the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts.

Respect for this legacy has made it possible for Garachico to present itself to us today as a valuable example of art in the Canary Islands, particularly urbanism and the traditional architecture of the Archipelago.

In February 1994, it was declared by the Canarian Government, of Cultural Interest as a Historic Site.

Data of the Route

Distance61 Kilometers
Temp53 minutes
Price73 Euros (Estimated price)

The economy of the municipality is based on small commerce, tourism, restoration and agriculture.

The vertical distribution of the territory contributes to differentiate two agricultural zones: the coastal strip, in which large estates are settled, destined to the banana plantation for export and the zone of mediocrities, where a self-consumption agriculture is established.

Forming a double urban space, the Glorieta de San Francisco and Plaza de la Libertad are the center of the town of Garachico, where many of its most significant buildings are concentrated.

At the end of the second decade of the 19th century, the Glorieta de San Francisco was enlarged as a public square.

This public square was built on buildings devastated by the volcano, thus emerging the current Plaza de la Libertad.


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